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September 9, 2019

Hilary and Ali – Bridal Photos at the San Antonio Botanical Garden

Ali and Hilary were really great at planning out their bridal photos; They were able to time their hair and make up trial appointments so that we could do back-to-back bridal photo sessions at the San Antonio Botanical Garden. They also walked the gardens ahead of time to find really cool locations like the gazebo at the highest viewpoint in the park. Despite a few dress alterations still needed, everything was coming together beautifully for their September 7th wedding day. Hilary and Ali looked so so so stunning and it was great to get to hang out with them again before the wedding date. Also, huge props to their Hair and Make-up artists and Ali and Hilary’s crew who came along and helped with fans, water, and towels- you would never guess that these were taken mid-day on one of the hottest days in August! But hey, bridal photos were such a great way to save time on individual photos during the wedding and really get a feel for what it’s like walking around in the dress and veil (which for them was a breeze because they both wore the comfiest shoes- Ali’s were sparkly Keds with ribbon laces)! First up was Hilary, and then she was able to discreetly hide away while Ali came out for her session next. If you think these are gorgeous, just wait until you see the two of them together in their wedding day photos- it was truly a dream and I can’t wait to share them on here!

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